About Us

Happy, Healthy, People, Cows, Animals and Land

At Burdekin River Pastures, we choose to drive our business to success through our six principles which allow our business to meet its potential and meet our goals.

It’s important to us at Burdekin River Pastures for employees to be happy, but not just for the employees themselves. We communicate effectively with each other, creating supportive and trusting relationships. Disengaged and unhappy employee’s impact organisations in profoundly negative ways. Employees of Burdekin River Pastures have a sense of purpose, and are valued within the organisation.

A benefit of having a healthy workforce is that healthier employees are absent less often. Healthy workers are more motivated, have great work-life balance and positively impact our organisation.

Healthy and happy cattle is also an important aspect for us at Burdekin River Pastures. Our vision is to provide vaccinations for disease prevention, effective health management plan, welfare management and the implementation of biosecurity strategies. Another aspect of healthy and happy cattle is the environment they are exposed to. A healthy environment will provide less risk of infection and disease throughout cattle, and a stable, nourishing diet.

Appropriate care of animals and wildlife include being respectful of the land we are using, and being mindful of the wildlife associated in particular areas of our organisation. Association with wildlife will include safe practices, and care.

The use of these simple, yet effective visions enables Burdekin River Pastures to work towards success.